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. Custom print logo or image . Towel-like for travel . Machine Washable

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Eco-Friendly Yoga Mat

Rubber Yoga Mats are made of natural rubber, Eco-Friendly, which refers to the natural rubber latex collected from rubber trees. Which has passed the European and American environmental standards, No toxic.

Non Slip Yoga Mat

Our yoga mat is designed to prevent slipping, the special rubber grip texture is designed by ourselves, when practicing yoga has a strong slip resistance. In addition, our absorbent yoga mat also has a strong anti-skid function.

Custom Yoga Mats

Make your own custom yoga mats. To print your own brand logo or artwork onto it. If you don't have artworks for personalized yoga mats, we have dozens of artwork templates for your choice. Welcome to send your own

Our Stories

In 2003, Ms Lee left from a Taiwan shoe factory and created a natural rubber mats factory in Guang Dong, China. We set up a full production line of natural rubber sheets. This is first rubber production line here. In 2008, we developed a unique rubber non slip texture for the production of professional Rubber Yoga mats and other rubber mats. Natural rubber is made of foaming technology and high temperature vulcanization . So our rubber yoga mat has super elastic and anti slip properties at high temperature. It’s one of the best yoga mats for hot yoga practice.

How to clean yoga mats by machine?

The first time of meet this condition is sprinkled fruit juice on my loving yoga mat. At that time i have checked on internet […]

Custom Yoga mat reviews:

I gave it a test drive in the yoga studio and it had all the same grip as my regular mat. Although it was comfortable for me, if you have bad joints or are worried it would hurt your knees, I would stick with a traditional thick yoga mat or layer it on top of one. They do have other styles on the website as well.

DIY yoga mat custom personalized


I found it’s excellent for outdoor yoga. If you want to stay barefoot but want a mat for comfort, this is awesome. I had that strong connection with the ground, but my feet stayed dry and warm, and I still had the corners of the mat for guides. Plus, grass is itchy...

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