DIY yoga mat/ custom personalize yoga mat

We are glad to get Leah & Joe ‘s comment for our custom yoga mat, here are details from them:

Time: April 8, 2017

This part I am super excited about. YOART reached out to me asking if I was interested in designing a custom yoga mat and I immediately started making my own design. This post is in no way sponsored by them; they only provided the yoga mat for me to try and enjoy! It gets my stamp of approval.

Designing your Mat

You are able to upload any image or photo that you’ve created. I found some royalty-free graphics I liked and put them together. Then I sent my pdf over for production!

Dola was incredibly friendly and very responsive with any proofing and questions.

They even suggested a background color for me that would look best.

And I got the finished product in the mail about a week later!

It’s a really different type of yoga mat than I’m used to. I’d never seen this style before so I was curious to try it out. It has a velvety finish and it’s extremely thin.

I gave it a test drive in the yoga studio and it had all the same grip as my regular mat. Although it was comfortable for me, if you have bad joints or are worried it would hurt your knees, I would stick with a traditional mat or layer it on top of one. They do have other styles on the website as well.

I found it’s excellent for outdoor yoga. If you want to stay barefoot but want a mat for comfort, this is awesome. I had that strong connection with the ground, but my feet stayed dry and warm, and I still had the corners of the mat for guides. Plus, grass is itchy.

Worked great in the sand as well. I can see how it would be perfect for hot yoga too.


The best part about this mat is that it’s super lightweight. You can roll it up and fold it up. You can probably fit it into a large purse. It’s great for weekend trips and would fit in a suitcase easily.


Also, this puppy is machine washable, which I tried immediately after trudging it through the wet sand. It came out of the wash great and I air dried it. If you’ve ever washed a traditional mat in your bathtub, you know how much of a chore it is. It’s also nontoxic and passes high European and American environmental standards. Overall, it was really fun designing my own mat that I can take with me wherever my little heart desires.

Do you want to custom same yoga mat with own design for you? Just contact us to make one for you.

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