Limited FREE Offer Mexican Yoga bag

Do you want to get a hand-made Mexican yoga mat bag?

From now to Thanksgiving day, you can get a free Mexican Yoga mat bag when you order any custom yoga matmexican yoga bag colors.jpg

Order one personalized yoga mat, you can get one free Mexican yoga mat bag. Order more personalized yoga mats, you can get more Mexican yoga mat bags, but free yoga mat bags are not over 10 each order.

mexican yoga bag.jpg mexican yoga bag.jpg

Our custom yoga mats are printed your own logos or artworks onto yoga mats. We provide personalized services for individuals, studios and companies with yoga mats, including personalized logo printing, branded yoga mats, different colors and more.

Custom  print yoga mat Features

  1. Custom print your own picture on mat
  2. grip, packability, traveling, long-lasting
  3. Mat Size: 72″ x 24″
  4. No minimum quantity
  5. Global delivery(2-3 weeks delivered)

They are custom made by ECO natural rubber, no-slip rubber texture and surface, Durable, Machine washable, Non-slip, Rock steady, 2-3 weeks delivered worldwide.


mexican yoga bag


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