New galaxy yoga mats in March 2017

galaxy yoga mat 49

Today we want to bring some new galaxy yoga mats. Which were printed galaxy image onto yoga mats surface – micro-fiber fabric, the mat base is black natural rubber with non-slip texture.

galaxy yoga mats 9

They are all light-weight, super-thin 1mm thickness, folding into a small size, like a magazine size. It’s save your room and best for travel. Mat sizes: 6ft by 2ft (72″ by 24″)

See the photos below:


That’s the most beautiful galaxy yoga mats, I like it and recommend it.

galaxy yoga mats 34


How about this galaxy yoga mat? If have your favorite mat, you can tell us if like.

About 3 months ago, our yoga graphic designer did several galaxy yoga mats designs. If you find some like, just tell us the design number, we can make them for you.

If send you my galaxy artwork, can you custom make it per my specification? Yes, we custom yoga mats per your artwork.

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